Monday, August 15, 2011

Ames what?

So the big news over the weekend was the Ames Straw Poll which apparently was the place to be for the conservatives wanting to run our country even farther into the ground. And who was the winner?

Michelle Bachmann. Yup the crazy right winger came away strong taking the stage and the win.

Mother Jones covered her history well in their recent article, a must read if Bachmann seems scarier than any devil you saw in Sunday school.

After reading the article I had to wonder what this devil was up to. So I jumped on over to see how her "truth-o-meter" was looking. Seems that honesty is one of those sins she is still working on...

I have to admit that of all the coverage, verbage and video that I consumed this past weekend, Jon Stewart summarized the whole mess best.

To close things up, let me just mention that I will not be voting for Bachmann...

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